Cottam Lane Y4

In 2020 we purchased Cottam Lane from the breeze up sales at Doncaster, after he impressed us on the clock but also looked like he was a very classy racehorse. On only his second attempt he managed to get his head in front winning very easily at Beverley. Since then he’s proven to be a consistent handicap sprinter, since his first success he’s only managed to get on the scoresheet once, however he’s ran some very good races in defeat. Cottam Lane is a horse who does everything in a very professional manner and always tries his best, however in the past he has had slight breathing issues which is nothing major but is something we will always be keeping an eye on. Cottam Lane is a horse who rarely runs a bad race, I am sure he’s going to carry on bringing a great deal of consistency to the table for some years to come.

Six furlongs is Cottam Lane’s best distance, he also prefers to race around a tight uphill track, this is because he’s got a typical sprinters body, strong and compact. He has an advantage on uphill tracks because he’s got more shoulder muscle than the average horse, he also handles bends better than the average horse because of his body type, a real pocket rocket. At this moment in time I believe he’s a very well handicapped horse and is well placed to strike early, in the season of 2023 after his winter holiday.

Cottam Lane Y4
Cottam Lane Y4
Cottam Lane Y4
Cottam Lane Y4
Cottam Lane Y4
Cottam Lane Y4

Cottam Lane Y4


Nigel Tinkler

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Cottam Lane

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The share price is £59.00. There will be nothing extra to pay, no matter what costs are incurred during the syndicate period. The capital cost for Cottam Lane including commission, transport and vetting, is £20.25 per share. The capital risk is £1.75 per share. Our current management fee is set at £15 per share. The all-inclusive racing/training cost is set at £10 per share. The cost for mortality insurance is £2 per share. The Cottam Grange Rehabilitation contribution is £1 per share. The VAT is £9 per share. *All fees based on estimated cost excluding the capital risk. No extra cost will be incurred by the customer.

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Share End/Renewal Date: 01/04/2024


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